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I'm a metaphysical money coach, Reiki Master, and teacher. My passion is guiding you to create money alchemy in your life and manifest the abundance you deserve.

After years of struggling with money, mounting bills, and massive debt, I had an encounter with the metaphysical that changed my life − and my relationship with money − forever. Today I am debt free, doing what I love, and manifesting the kind of life I never knew was possible. Here's one of the biggest lessons I learned along the way:

Anyone can do it. You, too, can manifest money with a metaphysical connection.

  • Ming is truly an alchemist.

    Her energy shifts and transforms you while she talks. (And raises your vibration, too.) Her intuition is spot-on as well. Without knowing me she hit the nail on the head a couple of times within a very short timeframe. Talk to Ming if you want to activate abundance in all areas of your life. She knows exactly how to do that. Thank you, Ming!
    Brigitte van Tuijl
  • I learned way more than I realized.

    This is great to work with you again. First, I owe you an apology. When you coached me in 2016, I wasn't sure what I'd learned from our time and felt disappointed by the overall experience. But it's crazy how I've found myself thinking back to our sessions and how much I appreciated your speedy replies, willingness to help, and wisdom. THANK YOU!! In hindsight, I learned way more than I realized. I now devour your newsletters and am looking forward to sharing deeper chats. Now that I know more about how you work, I'm excited to take better advantage of your coaching skills.
  • Working with Ming this past month has been amazing!

    She has helped me find the confidence within me that I always wanted. I now have the tools I need to find the positive in everyday and no longer dwell on the negatives! I am so grateful I was referred to Ming and would absolutely recommend to anyone that feels anything less than fabulous! I look forward to my future and will definitely be in touch with my newfound friend and mentor Ming! -CR
  • Manifested $40,000 in 30 days of working with Ming!

    I went from multiple panic and major anxiety attacks per day to the occasional one or two per day. I slept through the night for the first time in months. I tracked discounts on groceries, a loved one offered me $7,000 if I ever needed it, the bank called and offered to stop charging interest on my credit card, lower interest rate on my mortgage, all adding up to $40,000! Thank you, Ming! - LM, South Africa

    LM, South Africa
  • Thank you to Ming's financial fairies!

    I found myself in a situation that required dollars fast. By listening to Ming and just letting go and being present, my boss announced today he was going to transfer my annual bonus into my account this week. This is two months earlier then the usual bonus transfer. The amount is almost the exact amount I need! Love this process of evolving and am grateful for these little confirmations of forward progression. -DA

  • I am amazed at how much better I feel!

    Thank you Ming. Yesterday we talked and you opened a new window. Today I am working on opening the door, as this allows so much more! I am amazed at how much better I feel. Thank you again… -D
  • Celebration and a big YES!

    Had my coaching with Ming this afternoon and I’m feeling very grateful for all this love and support we are getting here in this group! I got “paid” today big time with her wisdom and willingness to take time to spend with me! Whooohoo!! New relationship with money…coming right up! Thanks so much Ming for being my coach today! <3 xoxo Saying YES to MONEY!!! -M

30 or 90 Days With Magical Ming

Energy & Money management like you've never experienced before. A 30 or 90 day program tailored to you, your needs, and everything you want to be. Bring your authentic self to the surface so you can shine! With angels, Archangels, and fairies all holding space for your intentions as we work together.

Updated December 2020: Dr. Ming is currently not taking new clients. She will return to work in 2021.

The Program Includes:

  • Weekly calls with Ming
  • Email and text support as you need it
  • Content tailored to your goals
  • Metaphysical support from the angels
  • An all access pass to Ming!

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